Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery patient At Bluepoint Medical Associates we make weight loss surgery more effective and affordable for you! As you research your options about surgical weight loss procedures available today, we know there is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing and overwhelming. We want to emphasize that your safety, comfort and success is of utmost importance to everyone here on our team!

Weight loss surgery is a life changing decision and one that should be discussed with our expert surgeons. Having performed thousands of weight loss procedures, our surgeons are some of the most experienced in the United States.

Weight loss surgery is a brave step towards committing to a healthier change for the rest of your life. Weight loss surgery can greatly improve your quality of life, mobility and many ailments brought on by obesity.

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Many people have tried traditional weight loss treatment paths like weight loss programs, hypnosis, diet and exercise,
yet few are able to lose and maintain weight long-term.

Bluepoint Medical Associates Are Experts

We have expertise in both open and laparoscopic surgical procedures. We work personally with our patients to determine the most beneficial option based on their individual needs, health and medical history. Many patients of Bluepoint Medical Associates have experienced remarkable weight loss surgery success stories, and are living slimmer, healthier lives.

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Laparoscopic Surgery Is Minimally Invasive

Laparoscopic surgery is a more innovative option and is referred to as minimally invasive surgery or MIS. In this method of weight loss surgery, small incisions are made and limited access techniques are used. The small incisions are used to insert surgical instruments and a telescope (laparoscope), which is connected to a small video camera. This telescopic system maintains an enhanced visual field and allows the operation to be viewed on a separate video monitor while the surgery is performed. The abdomen is also inflated using carbon dioxide to allow for a better internal view.

Because laparoscopic surgery is less invasive and creates smaller incisions in the body, health risks are lowered. Benefits of this approach include faster healing times, less scarring, less blood loss during surgery, reduced postoperative pain and fewer wound complications, including infection and hernias.

Along with offering health benefits, laparoscopic surgery requires a high level of skill to be performed properly and safely. This procedure is technically advanced and complex requiring surgeons to obtain extensive specialty training. Not all bariatric surgeons are qualified to perform this advanced surgery. When performed by an experienced specialist, laparoscopic surgery is a safe bariatric treatment option and offers definite advantages for patients.