• 6 Easy Tips to Meal Prep

    on Sep 19th, 2016

Do you find yourself rushing out the door in the mornings? Yeah? Well, you've come to the right place.

Every day you try to balance work and your personal life, and somewhere along that road you're probably trying to also lose weight, maintain weight, or simply live a healthier lifestyle.

Yes, we know. It's not that easy -- because in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle you have to be consistent and organized. Yep! We know that one, too. You don't have enough time. 

So, we've taken those into consideration and our dietitians and nutritionists have shared some of the most important tips to successfully maintain a healthy lifestyle. These tips will help you choose, prep and organize your meals in no time.

1. Tupperware

Your meal containers should be bought based on the portions you need to eat on every meal, even snacks. Don't forget about tiny containers for your salad dressings!

2. Meal Plan

Stick to the meal plan guidelines from your Registered Dietitian. Be sure to plan all meals and snacks.

3. Grocery List

Using your meal plan, carefully make a list of all the ingredients you will need to prepare your meals and snacks for the week. Stick to your grocery list! It will help guide your shopping and will make it easier to avoid purchasing other tempting foods.

4. Don't Skip Protein Shakes

When in a rush, a protein shake is always an option. Just be sure to have a scoop(s) of your favorite protein in a zip lock on-the-go.

5. Cook at Once

Cook ingredients ahead of time, separate your meals and refrigerate them. This way, in the mornings they'll be ready to grab and go.

6. Lunch Bag

Be sure to purchase a lunch bag that is big enough to fit all of your containers. Square or rectangular lunch bags are usually ideal. Don't forget a cold pack to keep your meals fresh!

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