• Benefits of Robotic Weight Loss, A Minimally Invasive Surgery at Bluepoint Medical Associates

    on Nov 4th, 2016

Centreville, VA, November 04, 2016 – With today’s modern technology, the Robotic Weight Loss System is becoming more and more common in weight loss centers and hospitals. This procedure is giving patients a new hope towards reaching their weight loss goals.

Dr. Rezvani is one of Bluepoint’s Bariatric surgeons with the expertise in advanced laparoscopic bariatric surgery, surgical endoscopy, and robotic weight loss using the Da Vinci System. He earned his medical degree in Iran at the Islamic Azad University and completed his residency training program in Abington, Pennsylvania. Bluepoint Medical Associates is one of a few practices to offer Robotic Weight Loss, amongst other surgical procedures to lose weight.

What are the benefits of Robotic Weight Loss?

Robotic weight loss gives surgeons the ability to perform a very delicate and meticulous surgery. The Da Vinci System mimics hand movements into smaller, precise movements of tiny surgical instruments that bend and rotate as good as the human hand allowing to make smaller incisions. During surgery, the surgeon sits in front of an advanced 3D HD visualization screen with up to 10x magnification and a broad view of the operative area in color.

Other benefits of the Robotic Weight Loss:

 Who qualifies for the Robotic Weight Loss?

Qualifications for the Robotic Weight Loss System include:

Qualifications may vary per patient and a consult with the doctor is recommended before making any final decisions.

About Bluepoint Medical Associates

At Bluepoint Medical Associates surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs are combined with a team of Wellness; a nutritionist, exercise specialist and behavioral specialist. The Wellness team helps patients stay on track before surgery and after surgery by guiding their nutrition, activity level, and replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Bluepoint is conveniently located in Lake Ridge, Centreville, Springfield, Leesburg and Fredericksburg, Virginia. To learn more about the Robotic Weight Loss System or Bluepoint’s weight loss programs, call 703-385-8222 or visit www.bluepointmed.com.  

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