• Endoscopic Revision Supports Weight Regain After Surgery

    on Nov 11th, 2016

Centreville, VA, November 11, 2016 – Overtime, did you regain weight after the gastric bypass or due to dumping syndrome? What can you do?

Endoscopic Revision also known as OverStitch™ continues to gain recognition for addressing patient weight regain after the gastric bypass or the dumping syndrome. What causes weight regain is that the stomach pouch and the outlet that connects to the small intestine may stretch gradually in time, allowing patients to eat more and feel no restriction.

Endoscopic Revision

This procedure reduces the volume of an enlarged pouch and the diameter of the outlet. The surgeon uses a small, flexible endoscope and specialized devices through the mouth into the stomach. Sutures are then placed around the outlet to reduce the diameter. The same technique may then be used to place additional sutures in the stomach pouch to reduce its volume capacity.

Benefits of Endoscopic Revision:

At Bluepoint Medical Associates, Dr. Rezvani is one of Bluepoint’s Bariatric Surgeons and has the expertise to perform the Endoscopic Revision. He also has experience in advanced laparoscopic bariatric surgery, surgical endoscopy, and robotic weight loss using the Da Vinci System. Bluepoint Medical Associates is conveniently located in Lake Ridge, Centreville, Springfield, Leesburg and Fredericksburg, Virginia. A consult is recommended with the doctor to verity if you qualify for this procedure. For further questions please call 703-385-8222 or visit www.bluepointmed.com.

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