Sherry Johnson

Sleep diagnosis: Sleep Apnea

Sherry Johnson gave Bluepoint the opportunity to come into her home to film her touching testimonial. Treating sleep apnea has changed her life for the better, and Sherry wanted to share her story with those who may be experiencing sleep apnea. We appreciate Sherry for sharing her story, and we are so glad to have helped her find the best treatment.






Sleep Study for Teens

Sleep is important for all age groups, but how important is sleep for teenagers? It is recommended that teenagers get 8-10 hours of sleep every night because getting a good night’s sleep allows teenagers to perform well during the day at school and at home. Now, although your teen may have a regular sleep schedule, that doesn’t guarantee they’re getting the rest they need. It is recommended that teenagers get a sleep study to learn about their sleeping patterns.










Marilyn Henrikson

Sleep diagnosis: Severe Sleep Apnea

Sleep treatment: CPAP machine & Insomnia

“I feel like I have a real success story because I was not sleeping well without realizing why I wasn’t sleeping well, and now it’s completely different — I wake up refreshed, I sleep many more continual hours. I can’t imagine not sleeping with the CPAP anymore.  I wouldn't want to go back and take a chance on not breathing, and all the problems that you could have with blood pressure, memory, even with your life, actually, you could die because you weren't getting good sleep and you stop breathing.  So this has saved my life, it’s given me a quality of life that I can enjoy so much more…”



Kim Moody

Sleep diagnosis: Mild Sleep Apnea

Sleep treatment: Mouth Guard

“I was able to get the device for the mouth, it’s a mouth guard. It’s allowed me to sleep better, it pulls the bottom jaw forward so that I’m not snoring.  At night my husband has noticed that I’m not snoring.  I’m happy with the results, being that I don’t grind my teeth as much, I don’t snore, my husband is happy — and moving forward, I would like to see more weight loss with that because I’m getting better sleep.” 


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