Weight Loss

Mary Jordan

Program: Weight Management 

“I have seen Dr. Ko for over a year. I owe my health success to him. He is a good doctor that acknowledges your thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints. It’s proven that he is knowledgeable in his field and he knows his stuff. He understands that the body he is treating is the only body you have. Dr. Ko respects you (his patients).”







Keli Perret

Procedure: Gastric Bypass

Weight loss: 103 lbs in 6 months

“Over time my emotions have gone from a person that wanted to hide all the time to a person who’s taking selfies and constantly out in the world.”

Watch Keli’s touching story about her weight loss journey and get inspired!








Daniel Scarce

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

Weight loss: Over 148 lbs

“It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had in 30 years.”

Watch Daniel’s testimonial about his weight loss journey and get inspired!








  Chris Bogusky

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

Chris shares his inspirational story about his weight loss journey with the gastric sleeve. Chris talks about some of the challenges he had when he was 350lbs, other ways he tried losing weight, the gastric sleeve, and why he chose Bluepoint. Thank you for sharing your story Chris and congratulations!







Ronald Nicholas

Procedure: Revision Surgery











Doris C.

Procedure: Gastric Bypass

“I’m so happy that I did this, my life has changed so much. I walk everywhere play with my grandchildren. Life is just good.”






Lacy D.

Procedure: Gastric Bypass

Weight loss: 128 lbs

“I cannot put into words how thankful I am for Dr.Halmi and his staff! I had Gastric Bypass December 16, 2014 and have lost 128 lbs! I now have the energy to keep up with my 3 boys and have a new love of working out! Thank you so much! This has saved my life.”




George S.

Weight loss: 189 lbs









Elizabeth G.

Do you feel progress and change in your weight loss?
– Yes!

What made you decide to undergo surgery?

– My bad knee RA

How are you feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally?

– Great

How would you summarize the experience with Bluepoint as a whole?

– Excellent! I love them




Weight loss: 198 lbs to 117 lbs

Gone from clothing sizes of women’s 2X (sometimes 3X) to a Petite 6-8

“Body size was the last thing I was thinking of when having the surgery. I wanted my health! I lost the 81 lbs. in the very first year following surgery. The following pictures prove my progress. The last picture is two years after my surgery and my physical attitude/health, mental attitude/health, eating habits and overall enjoyment of life never stops getting better and better. I thank God everyday for Dr. Halmi and all his staff for giving me my life back which is even better than it has ever been in my whole life.”




“Before I made this life changing decision I had to sleep with a C-PAP machine due to sleep apnea, and on medication for hypertensive heart disease and diabetes. I had no energy; therefore I was often inclined to make excuses not to do activities that would require lot of energy. The decision to have bariatric surgery was strictly for my health but the weight loss was an added bonus. To date I have lost 94 lbs., reaching my weight goal set by Dr. Halmi and his staff at Bluepoint. I have energy that I never expected could be possible. The team at Bluepoint has been amazing and always supportive. I am no longer on insulin for my diabetes, my hypertension medication has been reduced and I do not sleep with my C –Pap machine. I knew my health and my everyday life would improve, what I didn’t know was just how much my life would change for the better. This past year has been a journey that has been nothing but enjoyment. I will and have encouraged those who are struggling with health issues to consider bariatric surgery and the Bluepoint Team”.

 (Michelle H. Weight loss: 97 lbs)

 (Kelly S. Weight loss: 151 lbs)

   (Kathleen L. Weight loss: 102lbs)

 (Christopher S. Weight loss: 120 lbs)

  (Donna R. Weight loss: 66 lbs)

 (Angel D. Weight loss:109 lbs)

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