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Breast Pumps

At Bluepoint Medical, we offer a variety of breast pumps to meet the needs of busy moms on the go.


For those moms who decide to breast feed, you will find that a breast pump is an invaluable purchase.

One decision that all pregnant moms will have to make is whether to breast feed or to formula feed their infant.  For those moms who decide to breast feed, you will find that a breast pump is an invaluable purchase.  For working moms, a breast pump will allow you to continue to provide your baby with the health benefits of breast milk while you are away from the home. Pumping while your baby is at the sitter or in daycare will help with engorgement and ensure you maintain your milk supply even when you are away from your baby for a part of the day.
For those moms with a low milk supply level, breastfeeding your baby can be a stressful ordeal.  Using a pump during those times when you do not have a hungry baby attached to you can help increase your production of milk and provide you with a back-up supply which you can then use to ease the breastfeeding process.
If your baby was born prematurely, it’s possible that he or she is too small to breastfeed directly. A pump allows you to feed your baby breastmilk through a bottle or small tube. In this case, breast pumps can be lifesavers for keeping your milk supply up and giving your baby the nutrients he or she needs to grow healthy and strong.
Breast pumps are also important for building up an emergency milk supply if you ever need to be unexpectedly away from your baby. There are also some moms who prefer to feed their babies by a bottle when outside of the home, or who like to get the dads involved in the feeding process.  A breast pump allows you to have the best of both world.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Breast Pump


There are many exceptional breast pumps available on the market for moms to consider.  Sometimes, however, these options can be confusing.  We find that there are several characteristics that a mom should review before purchasing a pump:

How is it powered? While a manual pump may seem archaic, you can pump on-the-go without worrying about batteries or access to an electric outlet.  Manual pumps aren’t designed for everyday use, however, as they do not express milk efficiently. One of the most efficient options for breast pumps is an electric powered, double breast pump.  An electric pump can be powered with an AC adapter, with batteries, or both. Having these power options is extremely valuable when you’re on the go and need to pump in a place that may not have an outlet.

Is it portable? You will need to bring your pump with you to the office or on outings.  A pump with a travel bag to hold all of your accessories will make life so much easier.

Is it quiet? You do not want to be worried about noise level when pumping.  New technology in today’s electric pumps allows for a quieter operation than ever before.

Is it adjustable? Different pumps have different strengths of suction. You want a pump that will allow you to adjust the suction strength for maximum production and comfort.

What are its cleaning requirements? Breast pumps are designed with an open or closed system pumping system.  You want to look for a breast pump with a closed system as a closed system stops your expressed milk from flowing back into the tubes or the pump, which protects your pump from being contaminated by bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Does it come with accessories? Different pumps will come with different types of accessories. One thing to look for is BPA-free product, as this will ensure that the materials are safe for you and your baby.

Contact us to order your Breast Pump. Our experts are standing by to guide you through the process of securing your medical supplies and will answer any questions you may have.

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