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Metabolic Rate

A metabolic rate refers to the process by which the body transforms calories from food and drink into energy that is used for everything from simply breathing to aerobic exercise. 
The amount of calories a person’s body burns to maintain basic vital functions, such as breathing, blood circulation, repairing cells, growing and maintaining a heartbeat, is known as the basal metabolic rate, or metabolism. Basal metabolic rate accounts for 60% to 75% of the calories a person burns each day. The remainder are burned from physical activity, from walking the dog or playing the piano. A person’s basal metabolic rate is influenced by a number of factors, such as age, body composition, and gender.

How does Bluepoint Medical Associates test Basal Metabolic Rates?

This in-office test is simple and takes only about ten minutes. Patients must refrain from consuming food or beverages (sipping water is fine) and strenuous exercise for four hours prior to the testing, and not use any form of tobacco products for an hour prior to your appointment. In a seated position, a mouthpiece is placed in the patient’s mouth and a nose clip is used to prevent air from escaping through the nostrils. The mouthpiece is attached by a hose to a machine that analyzes how much the body’s oxygen consumption and metabolic rate.

How does Bluepoint Medical Associates use this information to help me lose weight?

We do not have a lot of control over the rate of our basal metabolism. However, we can control the number of calories we consume every day. The data provided through metabolic testing enables our weight-loss experts to precisely determine the number of calories that should be consumed each day for an individual to lose weight, gain weight or maintain their weight.

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