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Bluepoint Wellness


At Bluepoint Wellness we offer an entirely new concept in overall individual wellness. Our continuum of care includes the whole individual. We specialize in giving our clients the tools to take charge of their health through personalized nutrition and lifestyle solutions. Our weight loss services include appetite suppressants, HCG programs, metabolic testing, genetic testing for obesity, and B12 injections. Our Center is designed to be a space that feels nurturing and tranquil, a place you can feel comfortable in and cared for. This is a space for you! At Bluepoint Wellness, we are committed to creating long-lasting health and wellness.


Reset Your Metabolism

Trick Your Body

For Your Health

Cutting Edge Genetic Test

Weight Loss and Fitness

Innovation to Healthcare

Behavioral Wellness

Understanding the reasons we overeat is key to losing weight and keeping it off. Bluepoint Medical Associates, with locations throughout Northern Virginia, employs a team of behavioral psychologists to provide behavioral wellness counseling.


Appetite Suppressant Program

Appetite Suppressants work by tricking the body into believing that it is not hungry. Medications generally come in the form of tablets or extended release capsules.

They stimulate the central nervous system and decrease appetite by increasing serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and/or catecholamines —several brain chemicals that affect mood and appetite. Let the professionals at Bluepoint Wellness and Spa help you determine if this is a right program for you.


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