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What Is Parasomnia?

Parasomnias are sleep disorders characterized by disruptive and undesirable behaviors. These behaviors include:
  • Sleep Talking
  • Sleepwalking
  • Night terrors and nightmares
  • REM sleep behavior disorder
  • Confusional arousals
  • Sleep paralysis

Are these disorders dangerous?

Some disorders, such as sleep talking, typically don’t threaten a person’s health. However, others such as sleepwalking can. A person who is walking while not fully cognoscente of his or her surroundings can easily have an accident. Night terrors or nightmares may not pose physical danger, but can be emotionally disturbing and disrupt sleep, causing daytime fatigue.

“Sleep soothes and arrest the fever-pulse of the soul.” – Eliza Cook

How are parasomnias treated?

At Bluepoint Medical our experienced sleep medicine specialists utilize a variety of approaches to remedying parasomnias. Depending on the individual’s symptoms, age and situation, treatment can include:
  • Creating a healthy sleep routine, including keeping a regular sleep schedule, implementing a relaxing bedtime regime, and making sure to get enough sleep. 
  • Lifestyle changes, such as increasing exercise and stress management techniques.
  • Medications may be prescribed drug therapies that are used to control symptom
Physicians at Bluepoint Medical Associates, with convenient locations around Northern Virginia, help patients who suffer from parasomnia sleep disorders. Bluepoint’s effective parasomnia treatments have enabled numerous children and adults across Washington Metropolitan area get the restful sleep they need.

Should someone exhibiting parasomnia symptoms be awakened?

Trying to awaken a person during a parasomniac episode may trigger an aggressive or violent reaction. For that reason, it is better to either gently lead the person back to bed, guiding the person by the arm while talking in a soft voice.

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