Need to take a sleep study for DOT compliance? Don’t have insurance coverage for an in lab stud?  Don’t have time to do an in lab sleep study? Not comfortable sleeping away from home? Prefer to do an in-home sleep study test in the comfort of your own bed?  We have a solution for you.

If you already know you need to get tested for sleep apnea and have decided on a home sleep study, then the easiest, most comfortable and convenient way is to do our in-home sleep study. It’s very simple – we ship the test to your home and you follow the steps provided

Here is how it works


  • Take a sleep apnea  in the comfort of your own home with this easy to use test kit.

  • We send the kit directly to you with a prepaid return label.

  • Typical results are 7 business days but can be expedited if needed for a nominal fee.

  • Once you complete the purchase, we will send out your Test the same business day

  • The test will arrive within 2 business days with an instructional video and we will also email you a you tube link that will illustrate the exact way to perform the test

  • A sleep Board Certified Doctor will review the test and determine the diagnostics

  • The test results of the Test can be faxed or mailed anywhere you like. 

  • Shipping cost is included.

Not sure if you're a candidate for sleep study?

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