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Lie Awake In Bed?

Are you finding yourself having sleepless nights every so often or even more frequently? If so, consider what goes on while you are awake in bed.

Do you try counting sheep? You most likely get frustrated you are awake and not sleeping. You may also count the hours left until you have to get up for work the following day. Whatever your habits in bed, they may be quite counterproductive. The truth is the more you make a conscious effort to get to sleep, the less it is likely to happen.

So what should you do if you are in bed awake? If you are considering whether or not you should get out of bed, you are thinking along the right lines. It is definitely not helpful to lie there staring at the ceiling. So if it has been a few minutes and you are still awake, you may want to try getting out of the bed.

What do you do once you are out of the bed? Experts suggest something relaxing and not too stimulating. Meditation, reading, and knitting are all good examples of activities you can do at night outside the bed when you are not sleeping.

Authored by: Lauren King, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, CBT-I Provider

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