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Medical Device Recall Notification

Philips Respironics has issued a voluntary recall notification (U.S. only) / field safety notice (International Markets) for specific Philips Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiLevel PAP) devices, and Mechanical Ventilators.

Philips Respironics has advised of potential health risks related to sound abatement foam used in such specific devices and informs customers and users of potential impacts on patient health and clinical use related to this issue, as well as instructions on actions to be taken.

For more information about this matter, including which devices are affected, please visit the Philips Respironics website or call Philips Respironics at (877) 907-7508.

If you have questions about how this matter might affect your health or your therapy, please contact your physician.

Know that your safety and wellbeing is our main concern. We remain in constant contact with Philips Respironics on this matter and will work to make available to you additional information from Philips Respironics as it becomes available.

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